The Phases of Light

Written by

Tiana Molony

Photographed by

Utah Barth

Styled by

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Photographed by Uta Barth

The various intensities of light fluctuate throughout the day–the phases of light break up our experiences to signal the time thus reminding us of our responsibilities and deadlines. But, light also alters our understanding of different spaces—the way we view various objects in a room. German-born artist Uta Barth utilizes light through her photographs that explore the varying qualities of light. In celebration with the Getty Center, Barth’s work spanning her 40-year career will be featured at the museum. Barth's exhibition Peripheral Vision, was created starting in the late 1990s when she photographed the changes of light in her home and studio throughout the days, weeks, and months.

The last 20 years of Barth’s career have been spent focusing on visual perception and optical phenomena. The exhibit celebrates her early career to her present-day works as she transitioned from a student to an artist working to translate visual information into a photograph. Barth’s early works ranging from 1978-1990, capture the perception of our surroundings. The series Ground and Field, showcase a mixture of interior and landscape images encapsulating one’s peripheral vision as she often unfocused elements of the images.

Assistant curator of photographs, Arpad Kovas shares, “I have had the great pleasure to observe the artist’s creative process as this project took shape over several years of planning, photographing, and during the many phases of production and am excited for our visitors to experience it in person.”


Uta Barth Getty Museum Tiana Molony Peripheral Vision

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