urika’s bedroom | A Quiet Devotion with New Single “XTC”

A found belonging

Written by

Bree Castillo

Photographed by

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Photographed by Donovan Novotny

urika’s bedroom returns to us today with new single, “XTC,” fresh off of NYC label True Panther. This comes shortly after, “Junkie” to which we previously described as slicing through the digital realm with a silent understanding and intention with pervasive force. Where “Junkie” was a solemn refrain on what is hidden, “XTC” is a hopeful undertaking, even when sewn with a hazy discontent, as the artist explores the depths of desire and the transformative essence that comes with it. 

Blur-soaked guitars rest against a textural affliction to create a sanguine dissonance. A delicate act, “XTC” becomes a confluence of the unfailing ebb and flows between preservation and tender fragility. The song tumbles with potential sadness, but is overridden by promise. With a surprising clarity, ub sings like a confession or maybe an answer, “I wanna ride for you / through the night / wheels to the road / ecstasy overdrive,” as if having overcome the fear of belonging and finding a place safe enough for devotion to seep out freely.

You can see ub at his headlining show at NY’s Elsewhere Zone One on June 7th, and supporting Nourished by Time from Philadelphia down to the sold-out LA show at The Echo. 

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urika’s bedroom, “XTC”