urika's bedroom | Hiding in Plain Sight with Debut Track "Junkie"

It's not quiet here, but at least there is understanding.

Written by

Bree Castillo

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Like a whispered secret or a hissing breeze, urika comes out from his bedroom with his debut single “Junkie.” The LA transplant, slices though the digital realm with a silent understanding and intention with pervasive force. It’s muggy, chaotic, and unfurling with the essence of existence. Sonic soundscapes of strings soaked in static and glitch-kissed harmonies create a bed, for urika’s bedroom's hushed lullaby. As one, the elements create an ethereal dance for us to ride out the ebb and flow of transient emotion. 

The self-produced track mixed by Sonny DiPerri finds visual form with a music video directed by the artist and interlaced with the hands of Jack Dione, wherein we are invited to peruse their hyperreal landscapes full of truth and resplendent desire. urika's bedroom says, "It's not quiet here, but at least there is understanding."

This Autumn, urika’s bedroom will be touring with old band mates Youth Lagoon. You can find tickets here.

Photographed by whisprdecho

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urika's bedroom, Junkie