untitled (halo) | Intimate and Detached “Spiral”

Will you walk me home?

Written by

Bree Castillo

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In the midst of Virgil Village, the shoegaze and trip-hop trio, untitled (halo) walks home pondering the senseless sentimentalities of forever. Taking on the destabilizing queasiness of young love and miscommunication, the band emerges with their third installment, "Spiral."

Starting as a poem passed from bandmates Jay to Ari, the track is tenderly molded by the ebb and flow of young love, always fleeting and never dependable. “Spiral” becomes a carousel of textures as the notes unfold. untitled (halo) achieves a soft balance between introspective strings, soothing melodies, and fuzz-streaked vocals charged with a dizzying mixture of confusion and desire. Within the hazy heaven, words pour of youthful regret, what if’s, and the whirlwinds of falling again. Ari confesses, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t even notice…” A warm refrain of youth’s enigmatic phases that we know all too well. 

The band’s Jack Dione captures the scene with his iPod touch wherein visions of time and space blur and transcend to a haloling acceptance of life’s ambiguity and disorienting nature. Following their previous offerings, “limewire” and “el prado freestyle,” “Spiral” is a continuance of their ode to beautiful uncertainty and the sense of being both present and far away at the same time. 

The band shares, “We just want to make music that is true to us and the moments we are living in. Something that can last forever, that puts a stamp on this era in LA and in music.” And while the love they sing of might have departed into a disquieting end, what is left is a sickly sweet spiral to ride through. 

Their debut EP, towncryer, releases Septemebr 22nd, and tickets for their release show at Genghis Cohen will be available next week.

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untitled (halo), spiral, jack dione, jay, ari, bree castillo