Triennale Milano | Celebrating the Opening of Cuore

The Museum's new hub for research, memory, and innovation in arts and design

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Tayla Grainger

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Today, the celebrated Milan art and design museum the Triennale opens Cuore – a new research, study, and archives center. The space is dedicated to promoting three main tenets of the center: research, memory, and innovation.

The first of these tenets is achieved through the reactivation of the Triennale Research Center, which was originally established in 1935 and operational until 1990. After more than 30 years, the Research Center is reopening to carry out innovative projects and services related to central themes of our time in close collaboration with national and international universities. 

Cuore aims to reactivate memory by displaying the Triennale’s rich multidisciplinary archive. Their collection – including over 300,000 works related to design, art, architecture, theatre, graphic arts, and photography – will be exhibited on a rotating basis and made accessible for review. Their vast library of over 22,000 books and 800 periodicals are available to consult freely or by reservation by researchers and enthusiasts alike. 

By increasing public accessibility to their resources and heritage, the Triennale hopes to promote research and innovative thinking. Cuore is an environment meant to foster evolution by learning from the past while simultaneously imagining the infinite possibilities that have yet to unfold in the future.

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