They Are Gutting A Body Of Water | Staying Close with "krillin"

with Greg Mendez and SUN ORGAN

Written by

Bree Castillo

Photographed by

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Photographed by Rhys Scarabosio

Today, experimental shoegaze band They Are Gutting A Body Of Water releases new single “krillin” alongside fellow Philly heads Greg Mendez and SUN ORGAN. 

Within the video directed by Rhys Scarabosio, it’s all about gentle intimacies–how fingers hit the strings, the haze from a warm breath, the shape of the mouth. Cigarette-lipped, the lyrics are daunting and sometimes crushing. Pithy downstrokes lay atop soft sibilants of droning melancholia to lead to a rippling end.

Doug Dulgarian of TAGABOW shares,  “I met Greg when he lived in Chinatown. In the hallway to his apartment, going up the stairs; the first time I came over to his house, there was a chicken wing on the landing. I came back two months later and the chicken wing was still there. I met buzz jordan after he played my backyard when he was playing in nyxy nyx. It all stems from nyxy nyx, if you didn’t know. He’s the OG. The first time I heard Maria I cried. The first time I heard Wooden Brain I rocked. I had this Krillin song half-written, and I hit up Greg. We decided to hit up Buzz together. I accidentally took a sip of beer from what I thought was a seltzer can and twisted my face up in recoil. Huge missed opportunity.”

You can see TAGABOW next week at SXSW, opening for DIIV and Panchiko, and at Slide Away Festival, Kilby Block Party, and Sound and Fury.  

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They Are Gutting A Body Of Water, krillin