There’s “Only One” LAUREL

Kicking things off, LAUREL is treating fans to the release of her mouth-watering new single, “Only One.”‍

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British-born, LA-based singer-songwriter LAUREL is certainly gearing up to make 2024 her most memorable year so far, as she prepares for the release of her highly anticipated studio album "PALPITATIONS" due for release on 14th June, and the journey is set to be nothing short of extraordinary. Kicking things off, LAUREL is treating fans to the release of her mouth-watering new single, “Only One.”

Stripped of extraneous layers and textures, this track showcases the raw power of LAUREL's signature "panoramic" sound. The sparse arrangement places the focus squarely on her captivating voice, which effortlessly conveys the complexity of the lyrics' passionate intimacy and vulnerable introspection.

"Only One" is a poignant exploration of a fervent romance. The lyrics immerse us in a world of racy intimacy and profound yearning between the narrator and her lover.

The verses chart an emotional odyssey, as LAUREL is consumed by a sort of delirium. Physical intimacy becomes a sanctuary where the external fades, leaving only their smoldering connection. Still, amidst the intensity, moments of solitude pierce this reverie, as she is left to ponder the weight of the lover's words. This interplay of intensity and vulnerability underscores the complex nature of their bond. LAUREL's language is both elegant and visceral, evoking the sensation of the lover as a transcendent, singular force.

At its core, "Only One" is a potent ode to a romance that defies the ordinary, where passion and fragility converge in a dance of light and shadow. It is a testament to an all-consuming love that eclipses the mundane.

By paring down the instrumentation, LAUREL creates a sense of intimacy and immediacy, as if the listener were privy to a private, unguarded moment between the narrator and her lover. The piano's gentle flourishes serve to underscore the ebb and flow of the emotional narrative, building and receding like the tides of the relationship itself. In its restraint, "Only One" ultimately achieves a profound emotional impact, a testament to LAUREL's masterful ownership of her craft. 

With the release of "Only One," ahead of her highly anticipated album and the upcoming live experience, which includes two American shows in New York on June 4th and Los Angeles on June 6th, as well as a UK and EU headline tour starting October 20th, LAUREL is poised to solidify her position as a rising force in the pop music landscape.

LAUREL has already garnered widespread support, with her music receiving recognition from prestigious outlets like BBC Radio 1's Future Pop and Future Artists programs, as well as Australia's Triple J. The artist's sold-out intimate showcase at Hackney's Oslo earlier this year, coupled with the release of her single "Wild Things" in February, has only further heightened the anticipation for what's to come.

Photographed by Ale Washington


Tue 6.04 - New York, NY @  Baby's All Right - TICKETS HERE

Thu 6.06 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Cid - TICKETS HERE

Sun 10.20 - Glasgow @ G2

Mon 10.21 - Manchester, UK @ Academy 3

Tue 10.22 - London, UK @ KOKO

Thu 10.24 - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso

Fri 10.25 - Paris, FR @ Badaboum

Sun 10.27 - Antwerp, BE @ Kavka

Mon 10.28 - Cologne, GER @ Club Volta

Tue 10.29 - Berlin, GER @ Kreuzwerk




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