The Japanese House | Indie Synth-scapes & Indelible Pop

An Electric Performance At New York City's Webster Hall

Written by

Mariam Bagdady

Photographed by

Elinor Kry

Styled by

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Hailing from the shores of London with a new album up her sleeve, Amber Bain’s The Japanese House hit the East Coast on November 2nd in what was an electric show. Promoting her latest debut, In The End It Always Does featuring the likes of Matty Healy and MUNA, Bain’s introduction at New York City’s Webster Hall spotlighted many of her popular singles, including “Sunshine Baby” and “Boyhood.” It was a concert imbued with her dreamy sense of poeticism– an emotional escape into the world of introspective lyrics and indie synth-scapes.

Photographed by Elinor Kry
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