The Band CAMINO | Debuting The Official Music Video for Their Single "See You Later"

Alongside Nationwide tour dates for their latest album

Written by

Annie Bush

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Extolled by fans and critics as a band that is really just that good;  like, guilty pleasure good– The Band CAMINO has announced a 70-s inspired music video for recent single “See You Later,” debuting today. Additionally, their new album, The Dark, is set to release August 11, following singles, “Told You So,” “What Am I Missing?” and “Last Man In The World." The band, notorious for their electrifying live performances, will embark on a nationwide tour starting in September. 

Think about the nakedness of loving a band for the first time as a pre-teen. Think about the early-life proclivity for musical sweetness, for catchy lyrics or major chords or verses that tumble out of a speaker and sugarcoat the throat. There’s a glittery time in a person’s life in which they fall in love with fun music so desperately and wholeheartedly that– years later, when one begins to enjoy things like merlot or black olives or dark chocolate– they can only name that sort of pre-adolescent passion as a “guilty pleasure.” Guilty, because sometimes, if a band is just that palatable without having to endure some sort of barrier of entry, it feels like you’re cheating.

Titles like that of most recent single “Last Man in The World,” suggest a regression towards somber existentialism. The vocals, grinning and light over skippy drums and ecstatic guitars, deliver an opposite message– the song is actually quite an upbeat tune, using metaphorical armageddon to describe feeling so buoyantly happy with another person you might pop. “See You Later” continues to deliver on the optimistic promises of previous singles. The music video, soaked with colors and playful camera shots, demonstrates that art can be both cool and a little silly, all at once.

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