Swordes | Newest Single 'Gasoline'

Tune into the self-reliant Swordes

Written by

Cerys Davies

Photographed by

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Electronic music reaches a new depth with multimedia artist Swordes. The New York artist found her love for making music within the underground scene of Brooklyn warehouse raves. The combination of her entrancing voice and self-made experimental beats give the electronic music scene a new sense of meaning.

Unlike a lot of electronic artists, there is no computer in sight when she plays live sets. Her usual set up consists of hardware synths, a drum machine, and her usual dreamy vocals. This authentic feeling of making music can be heard within her poetic lyricism and self-production. Having moved to New York to attend school, she instead found herself making music as a pastime. With no official music training, she has paved her way as an entirely self-reliant electronic artist. Swordes is credited with writing, producing and mixing each of her tracks as well as creating her own cover art. 

Her newest single “Gasoline (demo)” plays with different ideas of pop music and gives it an retro feeling with inspiration coming from late 90s dance music. The self taught musician reflects on hurt feelings through the lyrics of the electronic track. This track creates the ultimate eerie electronic track through her high pitched vocals and hypnotizing sounds.

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Swordes, Gasoline (Demo), Cerys Davies