Soccer Mommy | Live at The Wiltern

Dreamy, for lack of a better word.

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Tamara Jiji

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On Tuesday, December 13th, Soccer Mommy graced the stage of iconic Los Angeles venue, The Wiltern, delivering an arrangement of dreamy, enchanting songs off her freshly released album, ‘Sometimes, Forever.’ The album, which one could argue is the artist’s most unadulterated, soul-baring project yet, was released earlier this summer, and encapsulates the contentment associated with surrender. 

Unpacking our innermost feelings is a process most would rather put off, for it demands the act of looking inward and self-assessing. Soccer Mommy is no stranger to this, and exhibits it through her flowery, almost diary-like songwriting. The album’s opening track, “Bones” comes to mind, in which she chants “I’m trying to be someone / That you could love and understand / But I know that I’m not / I’m not, I’m not.” 

Sophie Allison, known to most as ‘Soccer Mommy,’ has found her place within her field and respective genres. With an inimitable voice, and sound so pure it needn’t be accompanied by more than the simple strums of a guitar, the artist has cemented her status as a voice for the tragically emotionally-in-tune community. 

Performing on what would be considered a ‘cold’ night in LA, Allison drew her audience in with an almost magnetic pull, delivering a show so seamless, it felt as though it’d lasted a few minutes, as opposed to the hour it did. The stage’s scenery was a trip of its own, complete with storm-like clouds hanging above it, and a projection of psychedelic visuals backing the band. With a blended setlist consisting of both new and old tracks, Soccer Mommy had something in store for everyone—even catering to the relentless audience request of fan-favorite “Your Dog.” 

Throughout the entire show, an overall feeling of comfort permeated throughout the room—whether it was from the delicate vocals before us or the smell of fresh popcorn wafting in from the concession stand I’m not sure. What I am sure of though, is that Sophie Allison, so long as she continues to make the music she’s making, will garner the adoration of many, and continue to serve as a voice for those who haven’t quite found theirs yet.

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