Snuffy | The Shrink at Palo Gallery

Illuminating the spectrum of emotion

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Eloisa de Farias

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Photos courtesy of PALO Gallery.

PALO Gallery presents a new exhibition titled The Shrink from March 31st to May 7th. The exhibition features lightboxes and sculptures created by Julius Margulies, the unique structures are a nod to the spectrum of human emotions and serves as a mirror to viewers allowing them to look within themselves and investigate what it means to be human. The light boxes contain internal LED lights that illuminate the space and change colors with a mood monitor. 

Julius Margulies, also known as Snuffy, is a modern renaissance man. Known for pushing creative boundaries, Margulies uses a variety of mediums including skin, glass, and sound. He is not confined to a singular form of art, from producing music to creative direction. His latest exhibition is an ode to his journey from tattooing to fine art. PALO Gallery founded in 2018 in New York City by third-generation art collector and dealer, Paul Henkel is recognized for their dedication to providing dynamic experiences for viewers, Margulies’ immersive exhibition is a perfect match.  

The Shrink is inspired by x-ray light boxes that Margulies grew up around due to his fathers profession in spinal surgery. The intersection between science and contemporary art is explored through his work. Margulies holds up a magnifying glass to our technology soaked world and finds the point in which it transcends into human emotion, giving the viewer a deeper delve into the concept of personal journeys and deep feelings through unforgettable contemporary art.

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