Sean Scully | LA Deep

On view now at Lisson Gallery

Written by

Sofia Ziman

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Images Courtesy the Artist and Lisson Gallery.

Sean Scully’s distinct language of abstraction manages to provoke a depth of emotion and melancholy which continues to resonate. While naturally embodying his own auteur, Scully does not fear metamorphosis. And now, almost fifty years since his US debut in Los Angeles, Scully returns to the City of Angels at Lisson Gallery for his new exhibition LA Deep .

Amidst the tall and sleek white walls that grace Lisson Gallery's newly opened Los Angeles location, Sean Scully's colorful and larger-than-life works come to life. Natural light shines in from above, further illuminating the textured brush strokes and humanistic imperfections that offer a personal insight into each creation. Merging the old and the new, all at once, Scully draws poignant parallels between his earliest grid paintings, which made their debut in Santa Monica in 1975, and his newer paintings, including Dark In, (2023).

These works are part of his ever growing Supergrid series, a collection that roots back to Scully's formative years as a student in the 1960s. As you stand before them, they hang side by side, revealing a profound likeness in their foundational essence while showcasing his subtle evolution in detail—a testament to Scully's enduring artistic journey.

The accompanying catalog features a look into the intervals between these works, a recounting of written and photographic works. Scully invites the viewer to see the physical world through his lens through a series of images taken during  the cross-country road trip that led him to settle in New York in 1975.

Sean Scully: LA Deep is now on view at Lisson Gallery in Los Angeles until November 4th.

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