Samantha Thomas | Under The Silver Moon

One of 25 Art Covers Created for Flaunt’s 25th Anniversary Issue

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Samantha Thomas. “Heliosphere,” (2023). Acrylic On Canvas Over Panel. (Detail). Courtesy The Artist And Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles/New York. Photo: Mason Kuehler.

Where was the most magical moon you’ve ever observed?

As a self-described Moon Mystic, there is no one moon I can single out—but many I would describe as magical. I find it to be most awe inspiring and when it is full, I often find myself chasing it, creating some ritual experience to fully embrace its energetic powers. Lighting a bonfire on the beach, surfing as is rises into the nights sky, or pulling out my telescope to zero in on its violently textured surface are just some ways I honor the phenomenon and harness its energy. It is possibly the closest thing I encounter to a spiritual experience, often asking it questions filled with hope, guidance, and embracing the change that it brings. Whether it’s peaking through a skyline, illuminating a desolate landscape, or watching it shimmer on top of the water as it’s pushing and pulling the tides, I am gravitationally pulled to find it and experience its wonderment with fresh eyes.

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Flaunt Magazine, Issue 190, 25th Anniversary Issue, Under The Silver Moon,