Sam Divine | Photo Diary from Splash House 10th anniversary Festival in Palm Springs

A photo diary with Sam Divine from Splash House 10th anniversary Festival in Palm Springs

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Jorge Lucena

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Photographed by Luis Colato

There is something about house music traveling across desert landscapes that brings out the best in a DJ’s setlist and dancefloor enthusiasts alike. Over the course of three weeks, 3,000 people flock to Palm Springs, and it’s precisely what UK house darling Sam Divine is gearing up for: Splash House, a poolside haven, blazing sun, and the biggest House and Techno acts from around the world.

Straight into the hotel from last nights gig in Dallas. Thank god I packed for the Texas and Cali HEAT!

The UK phenom and Label Boss arrives fresh off the plane and heads straight to work, but before stepping on stage, Sam transforms herself, applying makeup with skillful touch, crafting an aura of confidence and allure into a performance-ready persona. A walking canvas of rebellion, adorned in black and gray ink, rocking ripped shorts accompanied by a fresh pair of Jordan Retro 1s.

Quick turnaround for Splash House and just enough time to glam up.

I have an unhealthy obsession with kicks and all things Nike/Jordan. Can't play without them. Also, we love a good lighting shot.
Damn this heat is relentless. Everyone needs a mini fan in their life.
 It's showtime! En-route to Saguaro for the main event.

Laughter and music fills the air as people dance by the pool, until Sam approaches the decks, and a collective hush grips the crowd. Just seconds later, as the first high hat dances over an undulating bass line, what started as a renegade party in 2013 becomes the most hyped set of Splash House’s 10-year anniversary.

Sam Divine, a reigning queen of house music, has meticulously carved her path from humble beginnings to a coveted spot on Defected Records’ roster. From playing in the shed beneath her mothers garden to performing in some of the world's most esteemed venues. With unwavering dedication and an insatiable passion for dance music, she has ascended the ranks to become one of the world’s most dependable house DJs. 

Her sets are a representation of her relentless pursuit of sonic perfection, a journey that captivates audiences. Sam Divine’s story was not of luck or just a story of talent; it’s a testament to the power of grit and determination in the world of electronic music.

Sam Divine gives Flaunt a behind-the-scenes look at Splash House, from flashy kicks and pre-game makeup to a crowd that doesn't hold back.

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