Sadie | Releases “All-Night,” a track for the girlies

From forthcoming EP ‘Tides’—out April 7th.

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Last year, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer, sadie graced the Spotify playlists of many with her 4-track debut EP, Nowherean ensemble of melancholic, computerized vocals backed by distorted, hyperpop-esque beats. Today, the artist announces her sophomore EP, entitled Tides, and alongside, releases lead single “All Night,” a tale of crushing, and the immediate feelings that follow. 

 "Up all night all night / Up all night / And I’m on fire I’m on fire / You got me got me / Up all night / And I don't mind I don't mind.” With a catchy, chant-like chorus I'm sure we all can relate to, “All night” sums up the feelings so adequately associated with developing a crush. The head-bop-inducing single is the kind one can enjoy both in solitude and in the company of friends, for it produces the same desired effect—leaving the listener with no choice but to dance. 

sadie likens All Night to ‘candy,’ and aptly so, for the single is delivered and devoured as such, and leaves listeners brimming with anticipation for the rest of the artist’s forthcoming offering. Co-produced by frequent-collaborator Joe Valle from Wet, Tides is set to serve as the artist’s reintroduction to the world, and we can’t wait to see where she takes us next.

What was your entryway to the music-sphere? Have you always wanted to make music, or was this a passion you fell into–and what keeps the passion alive for you?

I started taking classical piano when I was 5 years old, and continued lessons until I graduated high school. I actually began writing songs when I was like 6. Over the holidays this year at my parents’ house I found a diary full of songs I wrote at that age and it’s hilarious. There’s a song in there called “Darkniss” [spelled that way] –– perhaps my emo 6 year old self’s precursor to “All Night”?? I played in rock bands all throughout college, and started producing electronic music in my last year there. Luckily I don’t have to work very hard to keep the passion for music alive. I’ve always lived and breathed it.

For your latest track, "All Night," what about the nighttime is inspiring?  What keeps you up all night? What brings you peace these days?

I feel most alive at night. I am someone who can sleep until 4 in the afternoon (though I don’t, I promise), and I get a burst of energy in the evening.  I’ve tried training myself to be a morning person but it’s impossible. I think maybe it’s a product of growing up in NYC in a neighborhood where there was LOTS of construction and street noise during the day. At night everything calmed down and there was finally peace and quiet and room for me to think.

Things that bring me peace: I’ve started getting back into listening to classical music lately. I recently heard this mesmerizing Ralph Vaughan Williams piece on WQXR – “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis”. I’ve been playing it on repeat. Going antique shopping and looking at old things also makes me feel very at peace.

Things that keep me up at night: grizzly bears (terrified of them), black holes, antibiotic resistant bacteria, ufo’s, my cats, watching too much TikTok.

How would you say your upcoming EP Tides sets itself apart from your formerly released EP Nowhere—would you say that it’s an extension of it or a diversion from it?

I think it’s both an extension and a diversion. It’s an extension in that I continued my collaboration with Joey Valle, and I used a similar sound palate and I’m still (and forever) using autotune. Some differences: I think I really gained confidence in my voice as a songwriter + producer with these songs––releasing my first body of work and getting such positive feedback made me feel more relaxed and less self-consicous. Joe and I finished these songs in a matter of months, and it was a very playful and painless process. Whereas with my first EP it was a more arduous and lengthy process filled with a lot more self-doubt. One big difference: I have a song with guitar on it (“Okay”)–– I haven’t started a song on guitar since college. And I plan to do more of it.

Do you have any direct influences or inspirations that went into the crafting of this project? Would you say that you identify within the walls of the hyperpop genre?

Perhaps not within the walls of hyperpop but maybe in the same neighborhood? I think I tend to cherry pick elements of hyperpop production and write more melancholic & downtempo songs than are typical of the genre. Direct influences: I was listening to a lot of Drake when I wrote the title track “Tides.” I’ve also been listening to this producer Louke Man. Super inspired by all his sounds. FKA Twigs’s song “Meta Angel '' was also on repeat while I wrote these songs.

What do you hope listeners take home with them?

I guess I hope different things for each song. I want ‘All Night’ to just be pure candy. I want people to think about their crushes and dance and make-out. There’s that Alex G lyric that goes “You know good music makes me want to do bad things.” That’s definitely the energy of “All Night.” I was feeling more melancholic and nostalgic when I wrote the other three songs on the record. My only hope is that people feel something when they listen. Whatever that means –– I just hope the songs evoke an emotional response personal to the listener.

How do you keep your heart open?

Writing music is the thing that keeps me connected to the world around me. When I’m not writing or listening to new things or going to shows I feel pretty numb. I tore my acl this past fall and had to get knee surgery and thus took a few months off of all things music related and I was pretty glum. The minute I started writing new stuff I felt more like myself again.

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