Robert Moreland | New Minimalistic Exhibition at The Hole Los Angeles

Minimalism, 'in all sincerity.'

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Jess Ferguson

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Surrounded by excess and over-saturation, Robert Moreland’s exhibition at The Hole, his third solo showing with them, is a palette cleanser. In All Sincerity takes a more minimalist approach to his most expansive presentation of works yet—but the works still serve as a complex conversation between soft emotions and precise geometry, minimal forms and bold colors, three-dimensionality and two-dimensionality. Moreland’s pieces include his free-standing sculptures that have a sense of softness to them, despite all the clean, angular elements. These types of sculptures first formed from his metal work, Object One, 2022, permanently installed in Adamwon Sculpture Park in Namwon, South Korea.

The exhibition also showcases Moreland’s delicate maquettes, 3-D wall hangings reminiscent of other art mediums—paintings, origami, sculptures—challenging the norms of singularity. There are parallels between these sculptures and maquettes, namely in their minimalistic geometry and the cohesion in colors, but they’re distinct in their own right. Moreland’s exhibition, which opened on November 5, will be at The Hole’s Los Angeles location until December 31.

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Robert Moreland, The Hole, Jess Ferguson