Richard Vergez presents “Trains Of Thought” at homework During Miami Art Week

Homework During Miami Art Week

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Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that trains have in our everyday life while waiting by the railroad, or during your everyday commute? This is a topic that Cuban-American artist Richard Vergez explores in depth in his upcoming solo show at homework gallery pop-up during Miami Art Week, showing from November 30th until December 3rd.  

“Trains of Thought” will showcase Vergez's minimalist and surreal collages, as well as sound installations that will provoke the viewers and listeners to think about the influence that trains have on our societies. With his mixed media work, the Philadelphia-born artist aims to shed light on the way these vehicles interact with our lives, both physically and metaphorically.

"Conduits for contemplation, traversing our winding paths of existence. A forward momentum guiding us to our ultimate destination, monolithic and roaring, sometimes we are alone, sometimes we are accompanied. A true heartbeat." – Richard Vergez

The work created for this exhibition comes from an abstract place but also an emotional one, with trains being symbols of progression, always moving forward, but at the same time constantly moving, trapped, in a loop. The impact that these monoliths have on people’s everyday lives also radically differs according to the cities where they operate. Opposites of this impact are places like Miami and New York. The South Florida city has a car-centric dynamic, so trains, and the minimal investment in their infrastructures, represent traffic interruptions and delays; while in the Big Apple, trains are part of most people’s everyday commute and progress.

Vergez’s work tends to tell a story and have some kind of socio-political connotations, that might be one of the reasons why his work has been featured in opinion articles published on The Guardian and The New York Times. 

The “Trains of Thought” show coincides with homework’s one-year anniversary. The nomadic art gallery that follows and disrupts the rhythm of the art world, while giving exposure and access to a new stock of artists and collectors, opened its doors during Miami Art Week 2021. Since then, they have hosted multiple exhibitions including one at the Ace Hotel during New York Art Week.  

During the length of the show, Richard Vergez will be activating homework not only with his collages but also with installations and music performances by bands and DJ’s from his alternative music label Noir Age. All events are free with RSVP. 


Nov 30, 6PM - Opening Night ft. House of Pris RSVP

Dec 1, 6PM - homework 1 Year Anniversary ft. Rum&Coke RSVP

Dec 2, 6pm - Noir Age Video Screening 

Dec 3, 5pm - Panel: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Practical Advice for Career Artists RSVP

Dec 3, 7PM - Closing party with Za Za + Little Annie 

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