Red Bull Symphonic | Metro Boomin Transcends Hip Hop

Iconic rap beats become classical

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Chloe Cussen

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As the lights dimmed, Metro Boomin appeared. The opening notes of Future’s “Wicked” began to echo through the Dolby Theater, but something was different. The sounds of violins and drums took center stage as Metro Boomin stood on an elevated stage above an entire orchestra. As a part of the Red Bull Symphonic series, Metro Boomin and the Symphonic Orchestra come together to reintroduce his iconic hip hop beats in a classical style. 

Within the 90 minute show, fans struggled to stay seated when tracks like “Jumpman” and “Bad and Boujee” were being reimagined right before their very eyes. His hard hitting trap beats still carried the same impact, but were simply imagined in a new context. This new context allowed Metro Boomin to share a new sonic experience of the songs that his fans have turned into hits.   

As maestro Anthony Parnther led the orchestra, Metro Boomin interacted with the crowd, added in elements of hip hop, and even brought out a few special guests. A 15 person choir joined John Legend to sing the vocals of “Father Stretch My Hands” and “On Time,” while NAV and Swae Lee performed “Calling” and Roisee sang “Am I Dreaming” live for the very first time. This blend of a modern artist and a classical sound brings listeners a new experience beyond simply seeing one of their favorite artists perform, but rather witnessing renditions of songs that have been more than reimagined.

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