Rebecca Morris | Under The Silver Moon

One of 25 Art Covers Created for Flaunt's 25th Anniversary Issue

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Rebecca Morris. “Untitled (#19-23) [Detail]” (2023). Oil And Spray Paint On Canvas. 60.12 X 60.12 X 2 Inches. © Rebecca Morris. Courtesy Regen Projects. Photo: Flying Studio.

What do you love about magazines? 

As a child, I got Highlights; as a teenager, I would sneak into my aunt’s bedroom to pour over Vogue. I love the desire, glamour, and excitement of magazines. They’re all about dreaming. Once I became a subscriber in my own right, I both loved and hated waiting for new issues to arrive. This relationship with longing, anticipation, and patience is a driving force in my life, part of what encourages me to keep making paintings.

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