Pyramids of Giza | Pilar Zeta at Forever is Now III

Culture and Artistry Embraces an Exhibition Rich in History

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Cassey Ayala

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Within the realm of the Pyramids of Giza, resides a soliloquy of the beauty of cultural exchanges, while emitting light on the role that humanity plays in the heart of antiquity. Fourteen artists united in a rendezvous within Forever is Now III, an exhibition brought to life by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, the founder of CulturVator–Art D’Egypte, to interconnect with the beacon of history; divulging contemporary creations that fuse what was then and what was now, amid the echoes of its past, its land, and its ambience.

The spectacles encompass the works of a diversity of artistic flair: from the creations of “Mirror Gate,” a limestone portal by Pilar Zeta, to a hyper-realistic sculpture that summons the ancient Egyptian deity of love and fertility, titled "Egyptian Woman in the Form of the Goddess Hathor" by Carol Feuerman, to fragments of an entanglement that emerge from the earth from angles of divergency, each embellished with patterns inspired by the book "Tower of Babel" by Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher, devised by Rashid Al Khalifa, and many more. 

A fusion of philosophy, mathematics, symbolism, mysticism and surrealism exist in the curations of Pilar Zeta, an Argentinian-born artist based in Mexico City. Her installations embrace the manifestations of postmodern architecture through the use of hues and shapes as a primordial language, promising a transportation of its viewers to empires of perception and contemplation.

Coined as 'mystical futurism,' Zeta’s unparalleled mastery ensures the prestige of primeval traditions, lacing the abyss of the subconscious. Her artwork calls upon the mysticism of Egypt: encompassing a portal built of the same stone as the pyramids it finds itself amongst. Its composition is composed with spheres of iridescent hues of blue and gold, embodying the sacred beetle and the sun, an emblem of rebirth and regeneration amid Egypt’s wealth and legacy. Captivated by Egyptian culture, the portal embodies the nostalgia of its bewildering allure, symbolizing an interdimensional gateway between time and space.

“This year, the exhibition raises questions about the new era of technology and cultural change that the world is going through, by combining cultural heritage with the rich diversity of contemporary art practices. The exhibition also highlights the importance of cultural exchange among artists, demonstrating the position of human creativity at the heart of pulsating history and ancient Egyptian civilization, especially with the presentation of the largest collection of artworks by local and international artists, a step that will undoubtedly contribute to promoting Egyptian tourism," says Ghaffar. 

Zeta’s endeavors are ignited through the mystics of Egypt in the midst of a pursuit for fulfilling audiences with her visionary perspectives, as well as the enchanting discovery of the unknown. She has also merged her artistry with noteworthy musical artists, such as Coldplay, Lil Nas X, Katy Perry, Camila Cabello, among others. 

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