Projexx | Get Sweaty, Feel Illicit

Jamaican dancehall artist drops new album, GRIM TAPE, VOL.II

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Annie Bush

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Projexx is making us sweat. The Jamaican-born singer and producer has released a new project, GRIM TAPE VOL 2., a 7-song set that starts with a nasty, sexy voicemail on track “Jiggle,” coaxing the listener into a feverish thunderstorm of dancehall, hip-hop, and afrobeats that doesn’t relent until the end of bass-boosted final track, “Coconut.” 

There are times when you are sitting at your desk, or in traffic, or in some other horrifically mundane setting and you have this turbulent urge to be somewhere else, and be getting shamelessly dirty in that place. A dark club, caressing a stranger. Hanging out of the window of a friend-of-a-friend’s car while blasting obscenely loud music that rattles the windows of nearby buildings. Breaking into somewhere you shouldn’t with someone with whom you shouldn’t be. 

This tape harkens that incorrigible longing. Play “Siren” when you’re walking around your neighborhood and let those syncopated beats make you feel dizzy. Let Projexx hum “Top Speed” in your ear when you’re getting ready to do something illicit. It’s a mixtape to listen to when you’re feeling frisky; it’s a collection to listen to when you’re feeling boring, and it will force you to feel dangerous, naughty. 

As the grandson of legendary dancehall producer King Jammy, Projexx has made it incredibly clear that he is a worthy heir to the family dancehall legacy. With a penchant for musicianship that started when he was young, Projexx spent a great deal of his youth sitting in the family studio witnessing the likes of Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, and Vybz Kartel as they recorded. Though talent may run in the family, the producer has a dedication to the craft that transcends genetic luck. He’s stated that nothing is promised: “You are only going to get good results by going to the gym every day,” he has said. “Working muscle until it grows.” 

And work the musical muscle he does. Listen to GRIM TAPE VOL 2 and get excited. This is far from the beginning of Projexx’s career, and it’s nowhere near the end. Welcome to Projexx's world. Stay a while. Dance a bit. 

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