Pantheone Obsidian | Aesthetic Harmony, Utilitarian Portability

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Annie Bush

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Photographed by Patcha Kitchaicharoen

If, as a society obsessed with ubiquitous convenience, we are forgoing beautiful craftsmanship for ease-of-use, we have honestly done next to nothing for ourselves. Is true artistry antithetical to ergonomic function? Is it possible to possess an object with utilitarian use and also cherish that object as an instrument of beauty? Fortunately, when it comes to speaker innovator Pantheone Audio, we don’t have to choose. Pantheone, whose hand-crafted resin speakers synthesize space, form, and audio to create aesthetic harmony in domestic settings, has released a new iteration of the smart speaker: Obsidian. 

Lighter, smaller, and less expensive than its abominable predecessor, the Obsidian model packs the same punch as the immensely popular Pantheone I, while also delivering functional portability. Fitted with handsome, modern intelligence capabilities (Wifi, Bluetooth, a 15-hour battery life), the Obsidian is designed for luxury on the go. Integration with Apple Music, Spotify, and Alexa allows users to stream through multiple speakers at once, sculpting a sonic landscape within multiple rooms of a home or outdoors, simultaneously. Ten inches tall, bearing the alluring similarity to a raw geode, the Obsidian speaker confirms Pantheone Audio’s commitment to marrying convenience with beauty in the everyday. 

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