New York | I can by your "night n day"

When you're 21, you're no fun

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Bree Castillo

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Photographed by Alex Arauz

Girl band, New York, is all over and everywhere. The London duo comprised of Gretchen Lawrence and Coumba Samba released their debut offering No Sleep Till NY last year as their metamorphosis to girldom flourishing in the metropolis. And now the band returns with their ever-flowing daze into the split seconds we remember the morning after with "night n day," an epigraph of what it is like to be in the dark depths of the city with nothing but strawberry flavored lip gloss.

The track is laced and embedded with sounds of the city, almost as if mapping out every slice, bang, and chime, distorting and sculpting every morsel into a textural thesis of boredom and romance of a night out. The visual is raw–a supercut, cutting in and out of the things we hold most dear: a studded belt, a delicate scrap for a skirt, chainmail, and ratty hand warmers. "Night n day," they repeat as if almost a mantra or spell to remind them that they do in fact exist, that there is truth in duality and dimensionality, and that of course when the love and passion of tonight ends another will always be on its way.

You can see them on April 4th at Dishes #3, Volkstheatre/ Rota Bar in Vienna, AT and catch their show with Bar Italia at ICA in London on May 25th.

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