MOSSS | "Cowboy Cologne"

Walks like, Talks like, Smells like an Angel

Written by

Camryn Spratt

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Do you smell it? The faint redolence rolling off the breath of west winds, reins pulling, teeth clamping? That arid breeze ushered in on the pulsing trot of horse-latitudes? As you look out to the horizon, you hear it humming in the distance: MOSSS's new song, "Cowboy Cologne" from his new album, East. You can almost taste the fragrance of the angel in fringe suede and a diamante-brimmed hat featured in the track's music video. A business card in his pocket promises that miracles exist right at our fingertips.

MOSSS, the LA-based singer who grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley, oscillating between old and new, much like East and West, bleached hair and silver locks, tells the story of the East in his latest album. The East, steeped in fertile memories and humid air, weighed down by the density of the past, of sacred traditions and formative ties. In his album, MOSSS lends himself to erosion, carving away at a sonic landscape, fresh and vegetative, crisp with cathartic feeling and sweet indie release.

The birth of a nation, much like the birth of any relationship between one person and another, one thing and another, comes as a precursor of what lies on the horizon. When you have learned all you can in the East; perhaps, there is a light out West… in the form of a cowboy, and maybe he’s older and much wiser than you, waiting there on the other side of your shadow in the dried out sun save you – to make a balloon dog for you or help clean the stain out of your nice dress shirt. In the official music video for "Cowboy Cologne," MOSSS, in collaboration with credited director Ron Winter, finds the visual counterpart to his sonic story, walkin’ boots and all.

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