MkX Releases His Mission Statement in Hot New Track

For the "Man On A Mission" music video, directed by Scott McCullough, MkX sought to capture the song's dark, sleek, and futuristic aesthetic, tinged with hints of 80s nostalgia. 

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Leslie Jensen

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What does it mean to unapologetically forge your own path? In an industry often defined by conformity, singer-songwriter MkX is boldly carving out a space to unapologetically express his unique artistic identity. With a powerful fusion of electro-pop, hyperpop, and R&B, he is letting no one put labels or try to confine him.

Alongside collaborators Myah Marie and Brandon Colbein, MkX has poured his spirit into his latest single, "Man on a Mission." "I’ve always had a very strong vision of my artistry sonically and visually," he explains. "I'm extremely determined when it comes to my music, visuals, and career, so I wanted to write a song that serves as a lyrical embodiment of who I am, what I do, and why I do it."

The track taps into MkX's diverse inspirations, bold ambitions, and unwavering commitment to self-expression. Over the years, he has faced industry pressure to change his sound and image, but MkX has remained steadfast. "I've been on a mission not only to express my individuality but also to show others how liberating it is to fully embrace yourself to the fullest," he says.

"Man On A Mission" immediately grabs the listener's attention with an arresting and unapologetically bold pop beat that pays homage to the early 2000s era - a sonic pedigree that MkX proudly celebrates. His even more arresting vocals command the spotlight, surely inspiring awe even for those familiar with his work. MkX effortlessly channels the smoothness and bravado of high-caliber male vocalists like Usher, seamlessly swaggering up and down the track. The result is a performance that sounds deceptively effortless, belying the virtuosity and unwavering self-assurance undergirding his delivery.

This artistic resolve that MkX celebrates with this new track has paid dividends, with previous songs already earning widespread radio play on the likes of Sirius XM and the iHeart Dunkin' Music Lounge, as well as charting on the Mediabase Top 40. Beyond the airwaves, he has supported major acts and performed at numerous Pride events across the country, solidifying his reputation as a rising force in the industry. This summer alone, he has already taken the stage at Milwaukee Pride on June 6 and DC Pride on June 9. Looking ahead, he is confirmed to perform at Augusta Pride on June 21, West Hartford Pride on June 22, Charlotte Pride on August 17, and Oakland Pride on September 8. With his unapologetic self-expression and dynamic live presence, MkX continues to inspire audiences nationwide.

For the "Man On A Mission" music video, directed by Scott McCullough, MkX sought to capture the song's dark, sleek, and futuristic aesthetic, tinged with hints of 80s nostalgia. Scouring the fashion landscape, he incorporated a range of bold, high-fashion looks alongside sentimental vintage pieces, all anchored by striking geometric shapes, silhouettes, and exaggerated proportions choreographed by Ian McKenzie.

"I knew exactly how I wanted everything to look," MkX reflects. "It was simply a matter of making my vision come to life." With his unwavering artistic vision and steadfast determination to authentically express himself, MkX is poised to emerge as a true trailblazer, inspiring others to unapologetically forge their own path.


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