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The Rich Origins of Flamenco Meet The Modern Dancefloor

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While Flamenco music’s origins can be traced back to 18th century Spain, one duo today has embraced it via the boundless potential of electronic music. Producer/DJ duo MËSTIZA, who have firmly established themselves as a beloved act through their monthly party series, Sacro, offer up a unique, modern take on both Flamenco and dance music by fusing them together into a sound that is quickly taking the world by storm.

Recently, MËSTIZA channeled the sound and energy of their Sacro parties into their anticipated debut album, QUËRELES. Condensed into 14 tracks are the powerful emotions that draw from Spanish roots and Flamenco, paired with the driving energy of house and techno. The result, with its history and melodies combined, brings an unparalleled sound to the over-saturated world of dance music. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with MËSTIZA to discuss the new album, their origins, and more.

Tell us about QUERELES. What was the vision and when did you start writing the album?

QUËRELES is the meeting between electronic music and flamenco tradition. It all started two years ago when, after two singles that worked very well, we decided to get to work on an album that would make us put our sound on the national and international scene.

When did you two first meet and when did you decide to work together? 

We knew each other many years ago from the dance music industry. We had both been playing in many clubs for more than ten years, especially in Spain. It was after the lockdown that we started seeing each other more to do sessions together and broadcast them live. At that moment, we started talking about the music that excited us, and the power to start making this fusion arose.

When did you first come to love Flamenco music? Who were some of your favorite traditional Flamenco artists? 

We have always heard flamenco in our homes. We come from two families deeply rooted in this music and we have always lived it. Of course Camarón, Lole y Manuel, La Niña de los peines…

Why do you think Flamenco and electronic music work so well together? 

The flamenco music is universal so it fits with every music.

What have been some of your most memorable moments performing this year (both club and/or festival)?

We have so many, but definitely the Latin Grammy event, Elrow town festival with 30k people, and of course every one of our dates in Cova Santa Ibiza with our party SACRO.

When you’re not touring or in the studio, what do you like to do (any other hobbies)?  

We love art, history, and, of course, music. We love to investigate cultures and their old stories.

What are you looking forward to the most right now?

Everything we didn’t start yet.

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