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Mecca Woodson

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Photographed by Hannah De Vries

MARKS STUDIOS isn’t merely a clothing brand. It is more like an artistic initiative; a self-proclaimed ‘neo-museum’, presenting fervent narratives and ideas to a niche audience. Through the likes of various visual art forms and garments, MARKS STUDIOS takes cues from historical and mythological concepts while shedding light on the truths of humanity. Founded on rarity and sartorial storytelling, the brand has a knack for contemplating modern-day mayhem through abstraction and their debut collection is no stranger to this philosophy. In avante-garde gallery format, the brand presents their debut collection, ‘Echoed Origins’.

Echoed Origins, designed by Nick Marks, is a selection of 13 luxury ready-to-wear pieces, meant to be collectible, timeless pieces. Opting for an immersive experience in lieu of the trend cycle, Marks designed each piece to be a timeless collectible. The collection imbues a dark tone, emphasized through each garment, in tune with the fictional world Marks creates. Featured in the collection is a capsule of unisex cut t-shirts with original prints from the narrative graphics, and dynamically cut leather jackets and bottoms embellished with silk linings and metal hardware. Additional garments are fabricated from enzyme-washed twills and sand-washed silks paired with quality metal notions and leather trimmings to capture a sense of luxury. 

Accompanying the collection is an original film, named after the collection. The film serves as a moment of clarity for those able to connect the dots between the corresponding works that point to an overarching theme for the collection. Alongside the other breadcrumbs that the brand leaves for us, in the form of vague writings, lookbooks, and additional works, ‘Echoed Origins’ can be perceived as a dark chronicle alluding to the origins of hypothetical groups we believe are orchestrating the world’s occurrences to this day. The film documents an ethereal prophet's trek through emblematic events that exhibit humanity’s evolving stages and is an obscure exploration of the origins of these groups. 

MARKS STUDIOS weaves a collection of various artworks of different mediums into one cohesive, cryptic story. The ‘Echoed Origins’ film will be premiering on YouTube and Vimeo on October 19th, 11 AM EST. The exclusive collection will also be available for purchase online

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