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How 20-year-old Linden Lazarus began his rare watch venture

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In 2018, when Linden Lazarus was 15, he took a life-changing trip to London. After passing up the usual tourist attractions in favor of the Burlington Arcade, he unearthed a passion for vintage watches. Returning home to Stamford, Connecticut, he invested his childhood savings into buying a $2,800 IWC Ingenieur on eBay that he later resold for an $800 profit. The same year, out of his boarding school dorm room, he founded Oliver and Clarke to pursue a mission of regulating prices in the expensive vintage watch industry.

Oliver and Clarke prides itself on offering one-of-a-kind vintage timepieces for an affordable cost. Sourcing rare watches from previous customers that range from collectors to auctioneers, Lazarus curates the company’s selection based on personal taste and his knowledge of timepieces to ensure each possesses an undeniable je ne sais quoi. He recently moved to Los Angeles to open a showroom, looking to provide an in-person shopping experience for prospective buyers.

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