Maria Greenshields-Ziman | CONTEXT Art Miami

Unfurling Tendrils of a Fragile Earth

Written by

Cerys Davies

Photographed by

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The natural yearning for nature may never be fully satisfied again. Humans continue to push nature’s limits as innovation refuses to cease. Los Angeles-based artists Maria Greenshields-Ziman, grasps and visualizes this tension within her dynamic body of work, which will be on display with The Rendon Gallery at this year's edition of CONTEXT Art Miami,. With a selection from her latest series Lucent Silva, Sub Aqua, and Shadows, Greenshields-Ziman's mixed media works utilize the power of layering images and manipulating light.

“No matter how massive, a tree is still sadly fragile and cruelly vulnerable to the forces of change. We are made increasingly aware of the indispensability of forests in maintaining the health of our planet,” explains Greenshield-Ziman. Visit The Rendon Gallery at CONTEXT Art Miami, Booth C5, December 5 – 10, 2023.

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