Loro Piana Interiors Presents Apacheta at Milan Design Week

From the paths of the Andes

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Eloisa de Farias

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Loro Piana Interiors presents “Apacheta” by designer and artist Cristián Mohaded at Milan Design Week. The installation can be seen inside the Cortile della Seta and is open to the public during Milan Design Week. 

Mohaded’s installation takes inspiration from the Apachetas that mark paths in the Andes. Apachetas are piles of stones created by travelers who carried a stone through their journey and stack them along the way as a form of gratitude to the spirit of the Pachamama, Mother Earth. What is left amongst these paths are towering stacks of rocks that Mohaded honored in his work. The dreamlike art installation “Apacheta” is a tribute to the centuries-old landscape created by travelers and dreamers. 

Loro Piana and Mohaded share a unique connection to Catamarca, Argentina. This is where the brand sources its precious fibers from the vicuña and is also where Mohaded was born. The Maison and designer connection to Catamarca is the catalyst for the “Apacheta” installation. Twelve 8-meter towers can be seen at the Cortile della Seta and are each covered by Loro Piana Interiors fabrics from old collections, an ode to reusing old materials and giving them new life. 

Among the towers, viewers will find sofas, stools, a bench, and courtesy tables designed by Mohaded. The furniture items are meant to look like stones and are softened with tactile materials by Loro Piana Interiors. The intention of the space is to make visitors feel like travelers of the Andes themselves and explore this concept through design and craftsmanship.

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