Loro Piana Interiors | A Tribute to Cini Boeri

Celebrating the renowned Italian designer

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Tayla Grainger

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On what would’ve been the late Cini Boeri’s hundredth birthday, Loro Piana Interiors celebrates the renowned Italian architect and designer with their newest exhibition, A Tribute to Cini Boeri. Loro Piana Interiors partnered with Archivio Cini Boeri and the arflex furniture company to present a modern interpretation of Boeri’s beloved designs. The installation will be on view from the 16th to the 21st of April at Cortile della Seta, Loro Piana’s Milanese headquarters.

Keeping with Cini Boeri’s innovative and creative ethos, Loro Piana Interiors chose to add a contemporary flair to some of her most iconic furniture pieces by dressing them in their most luxurious fabrics. The Botolo chairs are swathed in Cashfur, a remarkably soft cashmere-silk blend, while the Pecorelle sofas and armchairs are upholstered in lustrous Pecora Nera sourced from New Zealand merino sheep. 

The exhibition is designed around a central room, and each surrounding space is dedicated to a distinct product family. This aligns with Boeri’s guiding principle that a house should have separate rooms with independent exits and a common area that inhabitants share by choice. Boeri also believed that furniture should adapt and evolve according to the user’s needs. As such, the installation is interactive, inviting guests to engage directly with the furniture.

Francesco Pergamo, the director of Loro Piana Interiors, reflects on the harmonious nature of the brand’s latest collaboration. “We have chosen [our fabrics] with a focus on the key elements of Cini Boeri’s design: functionality, modularity, pieces conceived to be used and to become part of everyday life.” He continues, “similarly, all our fabrics, even the most precious ones, are crafted to be used and appreciated within environments. The combination has proved simply ideal.”

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