Lauren Bon | Under the Silver Moon

One of 25 Art Covers created for Flaunt’s 25th Anniversary Issue

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Lauren Bon And Metabolic Studio. “The Smallest Sea With The Largest Heart.” Photo By Antoine Midant. Courtesy Metabolic Studio.

Where was the most magical moon you’ve ever observed? 

The most magical moon is the full moon. For me, it invites fantasy, performance and play, empowering you to do crazy things you would never do without it and to take time out from being logical—it’s lunacy. Some magical, moments of lunacy: My most magical full moon was taking a drive along Pacific Coast Highway with Martha Graham and having her stare at the moon and tell her stories about Big Sur and how she learned her unconventional approach from her father, who worked in construction and would blow up mountains to create roads. I was 16 years old with a brand new driving license in hand. As a full moon fantasy, I challenged a dancer friend to walk along Lincoln Boulevard near LAX in a silver lamé ball gown and a silver umbrella. She had to walk as slowly as possible. With the airplanes passing overhead, she was like a shooting star. Under the full moon at the Specchio di Venere on the Italian island of Pantelleria, I joined friends in covering our naked bodies in sulphuric clay and walking in circles around the lake—our interpretation of the therapeutic ritual of fangotherapy. Random acts of creativity can take place on a full moon and no one finds out—that’s its magic.

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