Kim Schoenstadt | Under The Silver Moon

One of 25 Art Covers Created for Flaunt’s 25th Anniversary Issue

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Kim Schoenstadt. “No Laughing Series: 30” (2023). Acrylic And Embroidery Floss On Belgian Linen. 16 X 12.5 X 1 Inches. ©kim Schoenstadt, 2023. Photo Credit: Ruben Diaz. Courtesy Of The Artist And Annie Wharton.

How might you describe your 25th year of life?

Adventurous, optimistic, and excited to see the world is how I would describe my 25th year. I had graduated from Pitzer College and got a ‘day job’ working for John Baldessari. John was generous and treated me like family. I traveled with him and his kids for exhibitions, one of which was at Sprüth Magers in Cologne Germany. Having never been to Germany, this was quite the adventure. We all stayed in the Hotel Chelsea which we had heard great stories about from other artists. We drank and ate at Päffgen Kölsch, installed his exhibition and saw art exhibitions, out with other artists at night. The art scene was incredible and formed some of my earliest ideas of what an art community and artist life could be like.

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Flaunt Magazine, Issue 190, The 25th Anniversary Issue, Under The Silver Moon, Kim Schoenstadt