Kibi James | The Gratifying Vacancy of a Bender

Atlanta-based indie pop trio, Kibi James, releases dreamy new single “bender” ahead of forthcoming record

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Annie Bush

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Atlanta-based indie pop trio, Kibi James, has released dreamy new single “bender” ahead of their forthcoming record, delusions. Accompanied by a video flush with Goosebumps-esque special effects and hilariously strange PC imagery, the single is a sweet encapsulation of that domestic euphoria that can really only be produced by living with your best friends.

With lyrics like “I want to spend the afternoon/mattress in the living room” crooned over simple strings and playful drums, Kibi James has distilled the gratifying vacancy of a lazy weekend spent with the people with whom you love dearly. Composed of Mari (guitar, keys), MJ Corless (bass) and Pomi Abebe (drums) have demonstrated a remarkable capacity for processing small lived moments into nostalgic, pleasantly hallucinogenic sonic landscapes. 

Following previous singles, “"fuerza" and "go outside," “bender” is what the band hails the: "anthem" of the album:It’s like a culmination of all the best parts of a bender with your friends. Pure bliss," the band has said of the record.  Co-produced, recorded and mixed by Drew Vandenberg and mastered by Heba Kadry,  delusions is infused with silly expressions of sentiment about the bandmates’ shared house and peppered with earnest reflections on the difficulties of artistry in a capitalist world. 

Photos by Tears Star
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