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A Look Into His Latest Book, Evidence For Contact

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Mariam Bagdady

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Curiosity defines humanity, the human mind always on the lookout for what is beyond reality and the world around. We see this understanding in the movies we watch, the art we consume, and the books we read–finding escape in what is physical as our mind explores what is not. Veteran artist and visionary Ken Grimes dives into the subconscious and out into the cosmos with curiosity in mind, discussing the possibility of alien contact with Earth in his latest body of work, Evidence For Contact: Ken Grimes 1993-2021.

Photographed by Alejandra Russi, courtesy Ricco/Maresca Gallery

An exploration of science-fiction and all things extraterrestrial, Grimes pays homage to the works of Carl Sagan and Arthur Clarke whilst also including several decades of the text, numbers, symbols, and geometric shapes that have come to define Ken Grimes as the artist that he is. As he traverses into his past where he was consumed by sci-fi, more specifically the 1958 sci-fi film The Space Children, he draws on narratives from then to now with much of today’s discussions not being too far off from what first instigated his appeal. Descending into a world of hidden messages, written accounts of Project Ozma, and a search for SETI experiment discrepancies, he creates visual clarity in this pursuit of cosmic truth. Evidence For Contact is available worldwide with much of Grimes’ work to be on display at Los Angeles’ Parrasch Heijnen Gallery starting January 16, 2024. 

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