Kanii | New song “Hate me”

Live at Hollywood Palladium April 30 and May 1

Written by

Camryn Spratt

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Boundlessness. That thing we feel in youth, through love, with music. That sense of nothing and everything at the same time. Kanii, D.C.-born singer is just that. He refuses to be pigeonholed. Having just graduated high school and releasing his new song “Hate me”, Kanii is focused on the future, and all of the wide open space that comes between. As he looks ahead, his boundary-pushing music forges his path, taking him with it through all of the new sound styles he may conquer next.

His debut EP exiit (more like entrance) captivated the attention of young people all over the world. Whether it be the dancefloor-ready beats and dynamic synth of his previous work or the addictive refractions of R&B off his latest EP it was nice knowing u, Kanii blends old-school wisdom and new-school ingenuity, taking inspiration from the music he grew up listening whilst exploring new methods on the digital recording software he taught himself to use. In his latest album, Kanii shows he isn’t willing to rein himself in or commit to any one musical subgenre. His brilliance as a songwriter lies in his ability to fuse strands of pop, R&B, and jersey club– and all sorts of otherworldly sounds beyond that– into a style that feels informed by just about everything you can think of, while never sounding like any one thing in particular.

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