Jong Oh Exhibition | Via Timothy Hawkinson Gallery

On view through March 25th.

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Tamara Jiji

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Line Sculpture (cuboid with curve) Photo Courtesy of Timothy Hawkinson Gallery

This past week, Jong Oh unveiled his exhibition Clove Hitch at Los Angeles’ esteemed Timothy Hawkinson Gallery. The Mauritania-born, Spain and South Korea-raised artist, presents a collection of works that seek to defy gravity and conformity. Utilizing an array of both simple and earthly materials such as wood rods, fishing wire, metal, rocks, and pebbles, the artist gives life to otherwise discarded objects.

Folding Drawing (double) Image Courtesy of Timmothy Hawkinson Gallery

Inspired by the minds of Agnes Martin and Richard Tuttle, Oh’s works are crafted with precision, delicacy, and stillness at their core. The artist’s unique sculptures envelop the viewer, allowing them to explore their entirety. Now on view at Timothy Hawkinson, one can both experience the works firsthand, and hopefully take home answers to the questions they seek to ask.

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Jong Oh, Timothy Hawkinson Gallery, Clove Hitch