J. Hannah X LACMA | Flowers in a Glass Vase

Painted Florals Come to Life in the Form of Nail Polish

Written by

Mecca Woodson

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The act of painting your own nails is an intimate and playful way to adorn one’s self, a notion made more rousing when you’ve found the perfect shade. J. Hannah’s new collaboration with the LACMA broadens our options with an offering that conflates the realms of nails and fine art. Sampled from Dirck De Bray’s famed 1671 still life painting ‘Flowers in a Glass Vase’, rich azure and apricot hues have been derived in the form of nail polishes. 

The limited edition polishes come in two shades, Morning Glory and Hollyhock, available to purchase online and at the LACMA.

‘Flowers in a Glass Vase’ will be a part of the museum’s upcoming exhibition, ‘The World Made Wondrous’, which can be viewed from September 17th, 2023 - March 3rd, 2024. 

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Mecca Woodson, J. Hannah, LACMA