Jesse Draxler's Solo Exhibition "U&I" | Release Party For The World Is Mine & I'm Thinking About You

A celebration of culture in collaboration with Pleasures, Pabst Blue Ribbon, MDDN, and Sacred Bones for Draxler's second major publication

Written by

Chloe Cussen

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Photography by Quinn Dunziellas

Visual artist and illustrator, Jesse Draxler presented his solo ‘U&I’ exhibition with an intimate opening pre-release party at the notable Art Deco theater, Naked Eye Studio in Los Angeles in early June. The event celebrated the release of his second major publication, The World Is Mine & I’m Thinking About You and featured live performances by God Is War, Daniel Davies, a DJ set by Ho99o9saw and was complimented by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

“I’ve been working on this for a year all on my own. Every single element, every single detail is dialed in,” said Jesse Draxler about his LA exhibition. The Wisconsin-born artist has weaved his prominent artistic styles of fractured, liminal stoicism through the pillars of culture working with fashion and music industries as well as regular illustrative contributions to major publications.

Beyond Draxler’s latest artistic breakthroughs, the event announced his exclusive merch collaboration with LA-based streetwear label, PLEASURES and iconic beer brand, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Jesse Draxler’s collaborative t-shirt with the brand is available for purchase in a limited online run via pleasuresnow.com.

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Jesse Draxler, PLEASURES