Izza | “Naughty or Nice” Holiday Dance Pop Single

If you've been naughty or nice, no judgment.

Written by

Jess Ferguson

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"But not many can do so with the same effortlessly confident feel and focus on playful fun as Izza." 

Holiday-flavored, cotton candy pop banger "Naughty or Nice" is an ode to sexy Santa lingerie and all of the holiday-themed sensual fantasies you may have running around your little head come wintertime. This provocative track is bold and unapologetic, and it can only have been conceived by the equally bold and unapologetic Pop rising pop diva Izza.

Izza is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer breaking into the music industry. The Los Angeles native recently made waves on TikTok, creating trends using her hit songs “Love Bracelets” and “Nintendo Bitch.” By coupling high-energy beats with positive messages, Izza prides herself on creating music that can be used as medicine for those who need it most. A mental health advocate, Izza has shared the stage with the likes of like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elohim, and Social House at 320 Festival.

Though often placed in the trap/pop crossroads, this particular song—perhaps due to its Christmassy vibes—feels a bit closer to mid-2000s R&B/pop, offering us an extra dash of nostalgia to highlight the one inherently found in the season. This results in a bit of a weird but extremely interesting mix: On one hand, there's an undeniable, intense sensuality to the song, but on the other, it's a Christmas pop song! It's reminiscent of all the comfortable, cozy, lovely things that the season has to offer. One has to suppose that this dichotomy is precisely the meeting point of "Naughty" and "Nice." 

Playful and provocative, the song has all the best qualities of a Britney Spears song together with the fierce attitude of a Lady Gaga's. It's no wonder that Izza has cited both artists as inspirations for her own sound, though her's is unequivocally nestled at the heart of Gen Z understanding and ethos.

If anything, the new song seems like a candy cane-flavored present to her audience, encouraging them to spice up their lovelife with a little bit of holiday spirit.

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