In Medias Res: Redefining Art in the Age of Technology

Feral File and FEMMEBIT collaborate for new exhibition of NFT Artworks by Leading Artists

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Sofia Ziman

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As the boundaries of artistic expression and technology evolve, the leading global art gallery Feral File continues to emerge as a beacon of innovation as they partner with the grassroots platform FEMMEBIT for their latest exhibition. In Medias Res underscores FEMMEBIT’s roots, centering around personal depictions of daily life and personal relationships in relation to Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the broader SoCal area. With nine contributing artists and curation by digital artists Kate Parsons and Janna Avner, with assistance from Samantha Proctor, the show challenges conventional urban perspectives. The NFT art exhibition includes new works from Feminist and post-cyberfeminist artists such as Tuna Bora, Petra Cortright, Casey Kauffmann, Wednesday Kim, and JJ Stratford.

Starting with the name derived from the Latin term “in medias res,” which means “into the midst of things,” the exhibition is multidimensional. The body of work explores various styles of digital art, shedding light on the modern art landscape by reimagining celluloid-based media for the era of artificial intelligence. Cortright depicts a serene sky-scape with flower bouquets transcending into the air; meanwhile, Kauffmann layers provocative symbols and imagery—featuring Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton—on top of a medley of Los Angeles streets and freeways. Each aspect of the exhibition pushes boundaries between the real and virtual world, including the use of NFTs that represent art in an untraditional sense.

On August 17th, 2023, the exhibition goes live online accompanied by activities on Feral File’s platform. Additional programming includes in-person events in Los Angeles on August 15th. Events will occur at NFTuesday LA at El Cid at 7 PM PST, followed by an artist talk with some exhibiting artists at 8:30 PM PST.

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