Made in LA: Acts of Living | The Sixth Iteration of The Hammer’s Acclaimed Biennial

Showcasing 39 artists and collectives living and working in LA

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Mecca Woodson

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Miller Robinson, Ímah hum?, Do you see it?, 2023 Photo: Charles White

The Los Angeles art scene has never flourished and embraced inclusivity more than it has now, which is more salient than ever as the need for diverse figures in art is crucial. Contributing to what one would perceive as a cultural renaissance, the Hammer Museum upholds art and artists through exhibitions and programs, emboldening us to notice the world in an atypical way and inspiring us to kindle our imaginations, in the name of impactful change. Elevating perspectives that have historically gone unseen, the sixth iteration of Made in L.A.: Acts of Living is here, showcasing a curated collection of work from 39 artists and collectives living and working in Los Angeles.

Vincent Enrique Hernandez, Valley Research Map, 2019–

Accentuating the practice of these artists, the exhibition positions art as a cultural vessel entwined with the day-to-day. Emphasizing the merit in craft, execution, and community, the art can be looked at as a paradigm for themes like indigenous diasporic histories to queer affect. One of the artists featured in the exhibition is Vincent Enrique Hernandez, whose multi-media artwork centers around the San Fernando Valley and brings historical remembrance to the area. To become familiar with more artists from the exhibition, a short documentary profiling each one is available to view on the Hammer Museum’s YouTube Channel

The exhibition is on view now until December 31st. 

Tidawhitney Lek, Refuge, 2023 Photo: Mason Kuehler
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