Frieze LA | Art In View From Santa Monica’s Airfield

Returning For Their Fifth Annual Gallery Fair on February 29 to March 3

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Mariam Bagdady

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Meeson Pae Secretions (II), 2023 Oil on canvas. Courtesy the artist and Anat Ebgi

When it comes to art, there is an understanding that it can perpetuate all and supersede what can be seen by the naked eye. In Los Angeles, art is wild, it roams yet it also conceals itself behind the trees and buildings that devour the city. It is in that understanding that Frieze finds art at home in the great city of angels, blending with the masses of people from all over the world and growing amid the artistic community that LA has fostered.

Jordan Casteel Damani and Shola, 2022 Oil on canvas. Photographed by Dan Bradica, Courtesy the artist and Casey Kaplan

Returning for its fifth year, Frieze Los Angeles will be taking over the Santa Monica Airport from February 29th to March 3rd in part of their annual fair. Bringing together over 95 exhibitors from more than 21 countries, the exhibit will allow creative minds to prosper and will streamline the most compelling of artists and galleries all from the unparalleled openness of Santa Monica’s airfield.

Akea Brionne working in her Kansas City studio, 2023. Courtesy the Artist and Lyles & King, New York

Acting as a means of celebrating young U.S. galleries and the emerging minds tied to it, Frieze’s contemporary fair will highlight local non-profits and will oversee the installment of two long-standing initiatives: the Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award and the Frieze Impact Prize. The fair will also be centered around food, culture, and community, whilst also featuring a Focus section curated by the highly esteemed Essence Harden.

Lilian Martinez Without Airs (Paradise is Paradising), 2023 Acrylic on canvas. Photographed by Deen Babakhyi, Courtesy of the artist and OCHI

Some of the artists to be featured in the exhibit include Harry Fonesca, Kent O'Connor, and Akea Brionne, as well as iconic galleries such as David Zwirner New York, The Box Los Angeles, and Standard Oslo. Amidst the vibrant galleries and various pop-ups lies site-specific artwork situated throughout Santa Monica’s lively airport, and it’s within these fields that community and a shared commitment to art will be highlighted. Early bird tickets and a full list of the participating galleries and artists can be found on the Frieze website.

Maria Klabin Blue landscape, 2021/2022 Oil paint on canvas. Photographed by Flávio Freire, Courtesy of the artist and Nara Roesler
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