Flowerboy Project | Floral Arrangements for the Physical and Digital World

Digital bouquets for Valentine's Day.

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Gabriella Madden

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Courtesy of Flowerboy Project

Flowerboy Project , a physical and virtual floral and coffee bodega, is introducing one of a kind, limited edition digital bouquets, available today, February 1st. Flowerboy founders Sean Knibb and Stella Shirinda wanted to find an innovative way to connect with people, and make it effortless to share things with people we love. The digital bouquets merge the experience of their physical flower store in Venice, California, with a wider digital community. 

Located on Lincoln Boulevard, Flowerboy isn’t just a cafe and flower shop, it also curates a medley of electric apparel, home goods, and gifts. Everything is hand-selected with a focus on second-life apparel and bespoke bouquets. Flowerboy also launched a digital metaspace, a 360 degree virtual version of the store that aims to elicit the same emotional experience as physical gift-buying in the Venice location. 

The digital bouquets are original pieces of 3-D art, created using the advanced technology in VFX and animation. The digital bouquets are minted on the blockchain in order to track authenticity and ownership. They are priced between $47-$275, and are available for purchase through Flowerboy’s Shopify store. Physical bouquets and other gifts are available in store, through the Flowerboy metaspace, and their e-commerce store. Local delivery in the LA area is also available.

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Flowerboy Project