Finn Keane AKA EASYFUN is flying solo with his EP ELECTRIC

new tracks from the acclaimed artist and producer

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Fresh after producing Charli XCX’s “Speed Drive” track for Barbie The Album, having exec-produced Bree Runway’s EP WOAH, WHAT A BLUR (incl Stormzy), and as Thy Slaughter with A. G. Cook, EASYFUN is finally sharing new solo music again.

EASYFUN, also known as Finn Keane, has surprised fans by releasing his long anticipated 6-track EP titled ELECTRIC. This talented artist and producer has also made an exciting announcement - a follow-up EP called ACOUSTIC is set to be released on October 13th, and it will be available through PC Music. 

With the release of ELECTRIC, EASYFUN showcases his ability to craft infectious beats and melodies that push the boundaries of electronic music. This collection of tracks showcases his versatility as an artist and producer, delivering a blend of catchy hooks and innovative production techniques. Listeners can expect a seamless transition from the ELECTRIC EP to the upcoming ACOUSTIC EP. EASYFUN continues to captivate listeners with his ability to experiment with different styles and genres, and the ACOUSTIC EP promises to showcase his talents in a stripped-down, intimate setting. As a member of the PC Music label, EASYFUN is part of a collective known for pushing the boundaries of pop music and embracing a futuristic sound. With his latest releases, he solidifies his position as an artist at the forefront of the electronic music scene.

ELECTRIC contains a total of 6 juicy tracks. Are you ready to take a closer look at each one? We begin our journey with "Audio". EASYFUN stay true to his name, this is one hell of a fun track. 

A genuine banger is gonna be impossible to resist the urge to dance with this one. Great way to start the EP for sure. Then we have "HARDPAIN". Quite different from its predecessor, this one is erratic and aggressive, almost industrial. I'm going to make a reference very few will understand but this song reminds me a lot of the System Shock soundtrack (The original game not the recently released remake). I dig it through and through. "No Body" is next. We went from a surreal landscape to something more mainstream. A pleasant audio mix combined with vocals. I'm going to make yet another video game reference (Yes I'm a nerd, deal with it) if anyone out there has played Tekken 7, my god this track could fit the soundtrack perfectly. It's worth pointing out that this track is a collaboration between renowned artists Charli XCX, Patrik Berger (known for his work on Robyn's hit song "Dancing On My Own"), Noonie Bao, and A. G. Cook. 

This collaboration brings together a powerhouse of talent, promising a unique and captivating sound. And we're back into experimental industrial territory with "carelesscarelesscarelesscarelesscareless". I mean with a name like that, could you expect any different? I actually really like this approach! Very creative and innovative. It's definitely a captivating mix of sounds. "Be Your USA" is more conventional. I would even dare to call it electro pop. But it still has some experimental elements that make it stand out. The vocals are really nice and the melody is very catchy. Not my favorite but a delightful song nevertheless. We're now at the end of our journey and EASYFUN doesn't disappoint. "Know Who You Are" is another banger, The track is full of energy and spirit. The vocalist delivers an amazing performance that really takes the song to the next level. It's a great way to end an amazing album.

Stay tuned for the release of the ACOUSTIC EP on October 13th, as EASYFUN continues to surprise and delight people with his innovative approach to music. The ELECTRIC EP is just a taste of what's to come, and everyone can expect even more exciting projects from this talented artist in the future.

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