Escape Artist Lovers | "Punctuation"

Embracing the lack of punctuation

Written by

Cerys Davies

Photographed by

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The newly formed duo, Escape Artist Lovers, are back with their second single, “Punctuation.” Pulling inspiration from their vast record collections and past experiences, Rain Phoenix and Kirk Hellie paint the portrait of their lifestyles through the guitar heavy track. Being only their second release as a band, “Punctuation” gives listeners a preview as to what kind of sounds may be in the future of the band.

Following the release of “Hey Motherfucker,” their first single,  “Punctuation” embraces more of a feel good alternative rock sound with a bit of a folky twang. The lyrics reflect on what it’s like to live fast and neglect punctuation as their guitar guides them through the track. “Punctuation” functions as a harmonious B-side to the more grunge-y “Hey Motherfucker.”

Made in the style of an old VHS aesthetic, the accompanying video provides a vintage feel. With clips Hellie and Phoenix performing on stage and doing everyday tasks, the editing includes  mind-bending effects that coincide with the sounds of the song itself. Directed by Shane McKenzie, the video allows listeners to understand “Punctuation” more deeply. “Punctuation” and its video are out tomorrow. 

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Escape Artist Lovers, Punctuation