Escape Artist Lovers | "Hey Motherfucker"

A lullaby with a twist

Written by

Cerys Davies

Photographed by

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Tied to each other by more than just their lengthy brunette curly locks, Kirk Hellie and Rain Phoenix debut as a rock group called Escape Artist Lovers. Having always been on each other’s radar, for their first release as a pair, “Hey Motherfucker” presents their own grunge-y iteration on a lullaby influenced track.

The song starts off with the expected sounds of early childhood music – a high pitched celeste piano and the soft strums of an acoustic guitar. It quickly becomes an anti-lullaby with the opening lyric, “Hey Motherfucker.” As the song progresses, the guitar get heavier and more intense sounds reign free until completely letting loose with an poignant guitar solo.

“It’s a classic boy/girl love song. If cupid had a switchblade instead of an arrow. Love…like chewing on a bumblebee,” said Kirk Hellie.

The accompanying video, directed by Shane McKenzie, is a wild ride of eclectic footage of the duo, giving vibes of Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable. The strategic blur, colorful effects, and graininess of the video compliments the juxtaposing sounds of the single while providing an overall vintage feel. “Hey Motherfucker” is only the beginning of Escape Artist Lovers.

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Escape Artist Lovers, Hey Motherfuckers