Emile Mosseri | New Song “Wasting Your Love” Explores Love Over Time

Intimacy and Invisibility

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Audrey Weisburd

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Love is a living, breathing thing – a landscape with droughts, storms, and stretches of empty space. Songs about love tend to explore the electric beginnings and devastating ends. They shy away from the ordinary, the common distance that widens and closes between two people over time. 

In his new track, “Wasting Your Love,” singer, songwriter, and composer Emile Mosseri tells the honest story of long-term love. Mosseri has a gift of translating complex human emotions into musical storytelling. Based in Los Angeles, Mosseri has scored films such as The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019), Minari (2020), and Kajillionaire (2020). He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score for his work in Minari. Mosseri has recently focused on his own work as a performing artist, backed by a band with Meg Duffy, Dougie Stu, and Kosta Galanopolous. His debut album Heaven Hunters (2023) upheld his cinematic and emotional musical identity.

“Wasting Your Love” looks at love when love slows down, a relationship that hollows out over the years. It is a song about intimacy and invisibility, what it means to get so close to somebody, they start to dissolve. In simple yet effective lyrics, Mosseri tells the story of a disconnected couple going through the motions.

Instrumentally, the song is stripped down, raw and relatable, capturing the harmonious monotony of marriage. Emile Mosseri’s smooth voice melts across a melody that feels both big and small. Every element of the song sounds clean and concise, beautifully produced by The Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic).

Mosseri shares, “‘Wasting Your Love’ is a song about marriage.  It's not about the butterfly or honeymoon parts of new love, but the sanctuary, mundanity, and deeply romantic side of long-term love. It is about the gap between who I am and who I want to be – love can be taken for granted, and reciprocity can slip through the cracks. This song is about being invisible to each other and then finding each other again.”

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