Elephant Magazine | Relaunch Under Tschabalala Self

New Leadership, New Chapter, New Issue

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Nick Hsu

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This spring marks a significant turning point for Elephant Magazine, the pioneering visual arts publication known for its artist-led approach and global perspective, as it announces its relaunch of Issue 49 under the fresh leadership of Tschabalala Self. The publication has been committed to prioritizing emerging talents and a non-hierarchical editorial approach that spans across disciplines and global cities. Now, under Self’s direction, the magazine is poised to build on its legacy, combining the intellectual depth of traditional arts journals with the vibrancy of pop culture glossies.

Promising an expansive anthology of contemporary art, the upcoming issue will span over 500 pages and feature the works from the worlds of fashion, music and beyond. Notable cover stars like Jeffrey Gibson, Judy Chicago, Pippa Garner, Miles Greenberg, and Anish Kapoor will be featured in Issue 49. In an innovative twist, the publication will roll out as 12 distinct editions, each one spotlighting a different artist, ensuring a diverse, personalized and immersive reading experience. 

Issue 49 is available for preorder here.

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Elephant Magazine, Jeffrey Gibson, Judy Chicago, Pippa Garner, Miles Greenberg, Anish Kapoor